Pastaza case

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The struggle against more than 40 years of oil pollution in oil block 192 (formerly oil block 1AB) in the Peruvian Amazon continues. At the end of October 2014 the Quechua people took over the airport of Andoas once more, in response to Pluspetrol's refusal to come to an agreement, and negotiations were suspended for 2 days. On Sunday 2nd of November, Pluspetrol and the indigenous communities did reach an agreement after all, and the inhabitants ended their protest.

One of the major outcomes is that the native peoples and Pluspetrol will continue negotiating about compensations for the use of their territories and the many years of environmental damage they have suffered, based on independent studies about the economic valorisation of their surroundings.

It was also decided that a number of follow-up meetings would be organized, but up to now they have never taken place. In 2015 the concession of oil block 192 (formerly 1AB) will come to an end, yet still the local inhabitants have not been consulted about their view on this oil exploitation, even though the Peruvian government had promised them to do so in August 2012.

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