The team

Organizational chart in Belgium

Putumayo vzw consists of a Board of Directors and a General Assembly. 

The Board of Directors is made up of:

  • Anke Leflere, chairwoman
  • Ellen Desmet
  • Diego Michiels

In addition, the General Assembly is composed of the following members:

  • Heleen Huysentruyt
  • Jeroen Pittoors
  • Marian Blondeel 
  • Delphine Scheerens
  • Ilse Cadron
  • Felien De Smedt
  • Sarah Kerremans 
  • Amelia Alva 
  • Wendy Verheyden
  • Ludiwien Cooreman

All members of staff working for Putumayo vzw in Belgium do so on a completely voluntary basis, so that all funds can be spent entirely on the projects in Peru.

Apart from its national structure, Putumayo vzw can also count on a branch of volunteers in Ghent, and one in Mechelen.

Organizational chart in Peru

In peru the team consists of 1 volunteer (Sarah) and two paid staff members:

Furthermore, a volunteer is sent to Peru on a regular basis to help out with our staff on site.

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