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The extraction of metals, minerals, oil and gas touches almost all main aspects of the North-South issues, such as environmental pollution, climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, conflicts, corruption, working conditions, (enforceable) international law, deregulation, national debt and democratisation. The global challenges concerning the management of scarce, non-renewable natural resources are huge, and a sustainable raw materials policy imposes itself. With this brand new project called 'Generation Transition', CATAPA, Putumayo vzw, Act4Change, Mediaraven and LNE Ecocampus want to address this challenge, with the support of the Flemish Authorities.

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Generation Transition springs from the understanding that the generation of young adults who will be active until 2050, are the ones who will have to lead the necessary transition towards a new kind of economy. Hence, Generation Transition's main goal: to train young adults through higher education to become entrepreneurs who take initiatives aimed at making society manage natural resources differently and sustainably. Young students must find incentives, through various didactical means, to set up trainings, or follow them, focussed on offering solutions; stimulating entrepreneurship and leadership qualities, and getting across the positive story of 'good practices'.

We have developped and evaluate four pilot projects:

  • guest lectures or extra-curricular information activities
  • entrepeneurial projects
  • multidisciplinary thesis and doctoral projects
  • internships (in the South)

Eventually, we would like to accomplish that students from a wide range of degree programmes have an impact on society, by becoming citizens who are active in industry, government, civil society or politics. The results of these projects will be elucidated during a seminar and a symposium in 2016 and 2017. By September 2015, we plan to publish a syllabus that can be used by lectorers and professors at higher education institutions in Flanders.

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Putumayo vzw is an intrinsic partner in this project, bringing the story of the indigenous people living in the Peruvian Amazon. In that context we cooperate with Catapa to organize events, and we have invited the indigenous leader Aurelio Chino Dahua to talk about the effects of oil exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon. Apart from Aurelio, two other speakers will testify about the exploitation of natural resources in their area.

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Generation Transition kicked off on the 1st of September 2014, and will positively address the challenges that should lead towards a sustainable raw materials policy without environmental pollution, conflicts and so on, for the next three years, until 31 August 2017. Are you interested and would you like to participate in one of the pilot projects? Keep an eye on Catapa's Facebookpagina and website for further updates.

Upcoming events with Aurelio : Also have a look at this facebookpage

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