Academic training of indigenous youth

Putumayo vzw is directly supporting a total of 8 indigenous students in the city of Iquitos.

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Since 2014 (at the request of FORMABIAP among others), we have been monitoring 5 students from the indigenous federation FEDIQUEP (Quechua inhabitants from the Pastaza region), and in April 2015 we were finally able to sign the cooperation agreement with FEDIQUEP.

In addition to that, we have been monitoring 3 extremely motivated Kichwa students: Floida, Álvaro en Elisvan, who have been staying in Iquitos to study, since late 2011. Following an intensive 2-month  preparation course, they passed their entrance exams and have begun a Teacher Training for Primary Education, a Teacher Training for Secondary Education (in Natural Sciences), and Anthropology studies, respectively, at the University of Iquitos (UNAP).

Once they will have completed their studies (after 5 years more or less), they will use the knowledge they have acquired for the benefit of their villages at the Putumayo River, in order to uplift the population. Putumayo vzw supports the students in their studies and helps them adapt to the way of life in the city. Furthermore, they are being prepared to become young leaders of their communities. Putumayo vzw has also provided for the construction of student accommodation where they can stay, which in the long run turns out to be cheaper than renting rooms.


Daily life in the city is expensive, though, and seeing that our students are so occupied with their studies, they lack the time to earn a little money on the side. Hence, they mainly depend on the limited financial support we offer them. We have obtained the necessary funds largely thanks to the Province of Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flanders) and the NGO Nouvelle Planète, but this is not sufficient to cover for the rest of their studies. You can support our young Kichwa students, by becoming Godfather/Godmother of one of them, or by donating to our organization.

Concrete activities:

• Integrated monitoring of the 10 students (logistic support, personal monitoring, academic monitoring, remedial courses, systematic exchange of information about possibilities, scholarships, etc.).
• Diagnosis of the living conditions of the indigenous students in Iquitos.
• Cooperation with and coordination between the native youth and other relevant actors.
• Proposals for improvement to all relevant institutions/authorities, so that they would take into account the difficulties indigenous students have to cope with.


     Indigenous student accommodation.

To get to know better our 3 Kichwa students of the Alto Putumayo region (FIKAPIR): Floida, Alvaro and Elisvan, see their student information sheet.

More information about our 5 Quechua students of the Pastaza bassin (FEDIQUEP), can be found by clicking on their respective names: Ruben, Linder, Robert, Josein and Lin 

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