Partners of the Sui Sui Programme

The Sui Sui Programme has been working together with several relevant local, national and international partners, who share our goals and objectives. Through these alliances, we try to maximize the impact our joint efforts have on the lives of the indigenous peoples of Loreto.


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AIDESEP, the intercultural organization that works towards the just development of the Peruvian Amazon (Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana), is a civil organization that looks after the interests of the native people of the Peruvian Amazon. It represents 1500 indigenous communities, 68 federations and 9 regional associations of the Peruvian Amazon. Their strategic goals, as defined in their Plan de Vida Plena, are aimed at the recognition and titling of the ancestral lands of the indigenous peoples, the free determination of these peoples, an indigenous jurisdiction, and the right to an intercultural and bilingual education and health service, recognized by the Peruvian state.


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FORMABIAP is the educational programme of AIDESEP, and is organized as a speciality for intercultural bilingualism within the Institute of Public Higher Education of "Loreto" - ISEPL. The programme aims to address the cultural and linguistic needs of native youth, boys and girls. It wants to create a new generation of indigenous people who exercise their individual and collective rights, and defend their territories sustainably, according to the principles of autonomy and self-determination. The Sui Sui Programme works in close relationship with this partner, seeing that we share not only the same compound, but often also the same ideas.


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The regional organization ORPIO (Organización Regional de los Pueblos Indígenas del Oriente) is part of AIDESEP and represents the following indigenous organizations and asociations within the region of Loreto: FECONAT (indigenous communities of the Río Tigre), ORKIWAN (Kichwa of the Alto Napo river), FECONAFROPU (indigenous communities that border on the Putumayo), FECONA (Ampiyacu river), FECONARINA (Nanay river basin), FECONAMNCUA (Medio Napo, Curaray en Arabela), FECOTYBA (Tikuna en Yahuas from the Bajo Amazonas), FECONACO (Corrientes river), ADECOP (Asociación de Desarrollo y Conservación de Puinahua), AIDECOS (Asociación Indígena de Desarrollo y Conservación del Samiria), CURCHA (Consejo Urarina del río Chambira), FECONACURPI (Pisqui river), FECONARPA (Patoyacu river), FECONATIYA (indigenous communities Yicunas and Yahuas), FEPYRA (Yaguas communities from the Apayacu river), FEPYROA (Yaguas communities from the Oroza and Apayacu rivers), FIKAPIR (Kichwa communities from the Alto Putumayo).


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OEPIAP (Organización de Estudiantes de los Pueblos Indígenas de la Amazonia Peruana), an indigenous students association, was founded in 2003 as a non-profit organization that represents students - both at higher (technical) and university level - who come to Iquitos from their indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon to study. OEPIAP represents a total of 13 indigenous peoples. Their strategic objectives, as defined in their intstitutional blueprint, are as follows:
- guarantee and improve access to higher (techical) education and university for indigenous students
- guarantee adequate living conditions and nutrition for the indigenous students who are studying in Iquitos
- guarantee the academic monitoring and strengthening of the indigenous students
- ensure the acceptance and improve the visibility of indigenous students issues in the region of Loreto


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FIKAPIR (Federación Indígena Kichwa del Alto Putumayo Inti Runa) represents the following 27 Kichwa communities from the Alto Putumayo basin, on the border with Colombia and Ecuador: Atalaya, Yabuyanos (together with Colinas, Nueva Florida, Cedritos, Pampa hermosa), Nueva Esperanza (together with Espejo, Puerto Victoria, Jerusalén, Progreso and Urco Miraño), Angusilla, Puerto Nuevo, Ipiranga (together with Puerto Argelia, Puerto Veliz, Soplin Vargas, Peneyta, Escalante, Santa Teresita, Nuevo Peneya, Miraflores, Puerto Lupita) and Tres Fronteras. 


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FEDIQUEP (Federación Indígena Quechua del Pastaza), represents the following Quechua communities from the Pastaza basin: Titiacu, Nuevo Porvenir, Andoas Nuevo, Los Jardines, Alianza Topal, Alianza Capahuari, Andoas Viejo, Sabaloyacu, Soplin, Loboyacu, Bolognesi, Alianza Cristiana, Zungachi, Nueva Alegría, Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Unión en Campo Verde. This area is on the border with the basins where the oil exploitation has been causing devastating social and environmental problems for 40+ years now, which means that they too suffer the direct consequences from this gruesome situation. The current president of FEDIQUEP is Aurelio Chino.


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Arkana means protection, and that is precisely Alianza Arkana's main goal: to protect the Amazon rainforest, in order to create a clean, just, sustainable future for this wonderful area, together with several Peruvian indigenous partners. Thanks to the support of this NGO - amongst others - we have been able to include more indigenous students in our comprehensive monitoring programme.


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Chaikuni is dedicated mainly to three objectives that are closely related to the reality of the Peruvian Amazon: permaculture, social and environmental justice, and intercultural education. At this very moment we are exploring the possibilities to work more closely together with this NGO, in order to achieve our joint objectives even better.

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