In July 2009 Tomás Macanilla Leví, a Secoya student from the Bellavista community, finished a three-year Nursing training in the city of Iquitos. Since 2010 Tomás has been working as a nurse in his native village, delivering healthcare in his own language. Mainly children, women and the elderly only speak their mother tongue, Pai Cocua, and hardly understand any Spanish.

In April 2011 a number of Secoya youth took up technical studies at the Instituto Tecnológico de El Estrecho, the central village at the Putumayo River. This training should enable them to set up and manage small-scale agricultural and small livestock projects. Tony en Ignacio were chosen by OISPE after an extensive selection process. They will not only pursue these three-year technical studies, but will also be trained to become responsible leaders who dedicate themselves to their communities.

The Asociación Putumayo Perú (APP) also helped the Mashunta community (Secoya) to find a bilingual teacher, who was appointed in the summer of 2011. Furthermore, APP negotiated in order to obtain logistic support and food for the Secoya students in El Estrecho.

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