Sustainable agriculture

The micro-enterprise MOK+A+ produces biological rice for the local market. It is run by some twenty odd stockholders from three communities (Kichwa, Huitoto and mestizos). This project took off in 2004 and offers an ecological and sustainable alternative to coca leaf cultivation.

The cultivation of coca leaves is very capital intensive and the use of insecticides and herbicides highly polluting. The fact that coca is an illegal crop entails a myriad of illegal and criminal activities that damage the social fabric of the communities. Rice is a more labour intensive crop, but generates higher profits and allows the use of natural products to control pests. The moist substratum in the flood plains is very suitable for this crop.

The public enterprise MOK+A+ disposes of a rice peeler, which allows the harvest to be sold at a higher price on the local market. The small company supports the local families by supplying high quality seeds and bags to stock the harvest, but also through transport facilities and the purchase of peeled rice at fixed prices and the selling of it on the local market. Nowadays the project is run without any further support of Putumayo vzw.

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