Godfather/godmother project

Become godfather or godmother of one of the indigenous students!

Floida, Alvaro en Elisvan are three Kichwa youngsters from the Putumayo region. After having completed a thorough selection process, they were given a unique opportunity by their indigenous federations to go and study in the nearest city, Iquitos (Peru). They passed their entry exams, and have started studying their respective careers. This is very expensive, though: they need a place to stay in Iquitos, learning materials etc.

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Putumayo vzw has provided for the construction of student accommodation where they can stay. The organization also helps them out with their studies, and helps them to adapt to life in the city. Furthermore, they are being prepared to become young indigenous leaders of their communities.

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The Kichwa students:


My name is Alvaro and I come from a village called Soplín Vargas. I am studying to become a secondary education school teacher, specialised in natural sciences. It has always been my dream to grow, to achieve something in life, to study in the city and to know my rights as a human being. In this way, I want to collaborate with my indigenous community... continue reading about Alvaro


I am Elisvan and I am studying Social Anthropology. My dream is to help my indigenous federation (FIKAPIR), my family and all of my friends in the Teniente Manuel Clavero district. After my studies I would like to find a job and realize my dreams. I want to fight for my people. I also want to keep my culture alive, save what is left from my ancestor's heritage and make my community grow... read more about Elisvan


P1000009Hi, I am Floida, and I belong to the Kichwa community. My village is called Nueva Esperanza and is situated at the Putumayo River. I am studying in Iquitos at the UNAP to become a primary education school teacher. In this way, I can help my village and the neighbouring villages, seeing that many of the people there still cannot read or write... continue reading about Floida

Support them

To guarantee their studies in the long run, however, we need extra funding to be able to pay for all the costs of their studies and to cover other expenses. That is why we offer you the possibility to become a godfather or godmother of one of these indigenous students. 

In order to do so, please transfer at least 40 euros a year to the following Kontinenten vzw account number:

IBAN: BE21 0000 7186 7603 - with the indication "Putumayo godfather /godmother – student's name"

Your donation will furthermore be tax deductable in Belgium, and you shall automatically receive a fiscal certificate (tax reduction) if you live there.

We would like to thank you in advance on behalf of the Kichwa people!

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