My name is Alvaro Alirio Greffa Ajón .
Village: Soplin Vargas, situated along the Putumayo River in the Alto Putumayo, next to our neighbours Colombia and Ecuador. Some 200 to 400 people are living there. There is a primary and a secondary school, a small hospital and a bank, and there are some other Peruvian State institutions.

The village is quite young. It was founded only 82 years ago. Each year my village's birthday is celebrated enthusiastically.
Studies: secondary education teacher specialised in Natural Sciences.
Dream: It has always been a dream of mine to be able to grow, to achieve something, to study in the city and to know my rights as a human being. That is how I want to work with my community.
Nicest thing about Iquitos: It is a quiet city. From the first day onwards, I noticed that there is no violence in this city. I also like it because you can eat well here. That is why I almost feel as if I were in my home village.

I miss… : mainly my parents, my brothers and sisters, my village and the people who live there. I also miss the food and the way of life I knew when I was still living with my parents.
My dreams for the future: to finish my studies, get my degree and become a useful professional at the service of the society we live in.

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