Hallo everybody, I am Elisvan from Puerto Argelia. 

It is situated on the right hand side of the Putumayo River. On the other side you can see our neighbouring country Colombia. The language that was originally spoken in my community is Kichwa. There is hardly any progress in my village, and there are many wild animals.

For the moment I am studying Social Anthropology at the UNAP (National University of the Peruvian Amazon) in Iquitos. 

Dream: to help my federation, my family and all my friends living in the Teniente Manuel Clavero district. After my studies I want to work and make my dreams come true. I want to fight for my people. I want to keep my culture alive, save what is left of my ancestors, and make my community grow.

Nicest thing about Iquitos: that there is a good university, capable professionals and good education.

I miss… my parents and everybody who lives in my community, the old habits, the beautiful scenery and the amazing sunrise.

My dreams for the future: that my community would be better organized, that there would be good professionals, and that it would be more than just the capital of the Kichwa people.

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