Hallo, my name is Floida Tangoa Noteno.

My family lives in the indigenous village of Nueva Esperanza, at the Alto Putumayo River. My village is so near the river, you can see Colombia on the other side. There are many problems, because there are no means of communication and there is hardly any progress. My family has financial problems too.

I have chosen to take up a teacher training for primary education, because I want to teach indigenous children in my village, and I want to support my federation (FIKAPIR), because up to now, youngsters in my village have not been able to undertake further studies. Some of them can not even read or write. That is why I want to become a teacher.

My dream is to seize the opportunity that Putumayo vzw has given me with both hands, and study very hard for five years. I will do so for myself, for my family and for the future of my village and the way we are organized.

When I will have finished my studies, I want to work with indigenous children in my village and in other indigenous villages, and keep my culture alive.

The nicest part about studying in Iquitos is, according to me: being able to learn new things at university and improve myself professionally.

I really miss my parents, my brothers, my sister, and all the other members of my family I have left behind ...

My wish is that in the future my village would be better organized, that there would be more support, and that we would be able to count on capable professionals. And also that it might one day become a Kichwa capital :-)

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