Become a volunteer

If the North-South issues fascinate you, and you just love the beauty of the Amazon rainforest, than you should consider becoming a volunteer in Belgium or in Peru.

Putumayo vzw (Belgium)

In Belgium, Putumayo vzw relies solely on volunteers. In this way, the financial resources can be used to the fullest for the functioning in Peru.

And there is plenty you can do:

- speak: lectures, interactive school activities...
- write: dossiers, newsletter, website...
- organize: quizzes, parties...
- translate: Dutch, Spanish, English...
- calculate: accountancy, administration...

Furthermore we are a cozy group of friends and we are always open to new ideas and initiatives!

Putumayo vzw (Peru)

Apart from that, volunteers are sent to Peru regularly, to help out with the projects on site and monitor them.

You should:

  • speak Spanish fluently 
  • be available for at least 6 months preferably
  • have a sense of initiative
  • function well independently and in group
  • experience in developping countries and organizational strengthening is an advantage.

We offer:

  • a unique experience in a beautiful region
  • travel insurence

Interested? or call 0477 32 13 82 in Belgium, for more information.

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